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Download USB Safely Remove 5.1 (Full Crack)

Download USB Safely Remove 5.1 (Full Crack)-Pernahkah sobat blogsnewsunik di buat kesal oleh Removable disk?,,,,,nah kali ini Blogsnewsunik akan bebagi untuk mengatasi hal itu dengan software,USB Safely Remove Full Crack adalah software yang dapat memudahkan kita untuk menghentikan proses Removable Disk seperti USB flasdisk secara cepat dan aman.

Software ini Blodsnewsunik sarankan untuk di aplikasikan  di komputer sobat,USB Safely Remove 5.1 (Full Crack) ini memiliki fitur yang sangat memudahkan kita, yaitu untuk melakukan proses eject USB lebih mudah dan cepat tanpa kehilangan data apapun dari Removable Disk sobat hanya dengan satu klik saja.

Features USB Safely Remove 5 Terbaru (Full Crack):
  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
  • Powerful command line support
  • 3 methods to stop devices.
  • Automatically assigning hotkeys.
  • Forbidding stopping any device.
  • Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
  • Notifications about connecting/disconnecting devices with the help of a balloon tooltip.
  • Playing sounds or running external programs when devices are connecteddisconnected.
  • Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
  • Loading custom images for devices
  • Ability to operate SATA drives
  • Support all version Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)
What's new in USB Safely Remove 5.1 full:
  • The program device scanning mechanism was optimized for speed. 
  • Now the program scans for hardware changes more quick while loads the system less.
  • Correct version info added to all program modules 
  • The "Apply" button in the options is enabled only if you change some settings
  • Bug fixed: Command line "forcedstop" command didn't work
  • Some small memory leaks were fixed
  • Bug fixed: The program could hang on device insertion in some cases
  • Bug fixed: The "Apply" button in the options may not apply changes in some cases
  • Bug fixed: Autorun doesn't run some DOS commands (e.g. pause, net)
  • Bug fixed: An error might happen after device settings export  
Cara install USB Safely Remove 5 Terbaru (Full Crack):    
  1. Install program hingga selesai 
  2. Jangan Anda jalankan programnya, bila terlanjur Anda jalankan exit program dari tray icon
  3. Copy and replace crack ke C:\Program files\USB Safely Remove 
  4. Selesai  
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